Books by Kent Ira Groff

Facing East, Praying West: Poetic Reflections on the Spiritual ExercisesAre you looking for ways to connect spirituality with active life in work, relationships and decision-making? To integrate intelligent reflection, active imagination and contemplative practices? This explains the burgeoning ecumenical interest in Ignatian spirituality.

Clergy Table TalkWhat goes on in the back of clergy folks’ heads that we wish we could talk about? And what do we talk about with no holds barred? In each chapter of this book, Groff offers a spiritual spin on an issue in ministry normally viewed as a distraction
Writing Tides: Finding Grace and Growth through WritingHere’s a book that offers a spiritual spin on any kind of writing. Through the author’s hard-won insights and 30 writing exercises you’ll discover grace and growth through your fingertips.
What Would I Believe If I Didn’t Believe Anything? A Handbook for Spiritual OrphansHere’s a spiritual compass for spiritual seekers tired of shopworn religious language as well as for disciples who have the courage to explore their own questions and connect with those who struggle. Award from Spirituality & Health.
Active Spirituality: A Guide for Seekers and MinistersHere’s a practical guidebook for both the inquiring lay person who wants a holistic, intelligent look at the spiritual life and the pastor or religious professional seeking a systematic framework and practices to reignite the flame of faith. 44 Prayer Exercises integrate spiritual disciplines for personal and congregational renewal.
Journeymen: A Spiritual Guide for Men (and For Women Who Want to Understand Them)Journeymen is about “men on a journey,” engaged in a risk-taking spiritual adventure. I tis also about “journeymen” in the classic senses: an apprentice who has completed his training and is now on the way to becoming a mentor for other journeyers. 20 Prayer Exercises and a Model for a Men’s Group make this a unique resource.
The Soul of Tommorrow’s Church: Weaving Spiritual Practices in Ministry TogetherHow can spirituality, perceived by many as a personal quest, be woven into the life of congregations where set traditions tend to squelch experimentation? 60 “Leavening the Liturgies” provide practices for weaving a tapestry in worship, administration, education, soul care and outreach.