Journeymen: A Spiritual Guide for Men
(and For Women Who Want to Understand Them)

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Journeymen is about “men on a journey,” engaged in a risk-taking spiritual adventure. I tis also about “journeymen” in the classic senses: an apprentice who has completed his training and is now on the way to becoming a mentor for other journeyers. 20 Prayer Exercises and a Model for a Men’s Group make this a unique resource.


“KENT GROFF’S Journeymen describes the pain and grief connected with growing up male in our culture with such integrity and brutal honesty that all of us who share in his experience can identify our own story with his story.”
—HOWARD L. RICE, Late Professor at San Francisco Theological Seminary, and author of The Pastor as Spiritual Guide

“Reading this book has been a totally exciting adventure. With personal story, depth us of scripture, reflection questions, and prayer, Kent Groff leads us with poignant power through the male (as contrasted to macho) paths of spiritual response. Sharing this journey with Groff makes us all, men and women alike, more whole and human.”
—FLORA SLOSSON WUELLNER, author of Release and Prayer and Our Bodies

“Groff offers a wonderful road map of paths men may take toward healing and wholeness.”
—STEPHEN BOYD, Wake Forest University, author of The Men we Long to Be