What Would I Believe If I Didn’t Believe Anything?
A Handbook for Spiritual Orphans

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Here’s a spiritual compass for spiritual seekers tired of shopworn religious language as well as for disciples who have the courage to explore their own questions and connect with those who struggle. Award from Spirituality & Health.


“Filled with wisdom and practical guidance, rich insights and memorable quotations, it consistently connects to experience and comes complete with fifty reflection exercises.”
—Marcus Borg, Distinguished Professor of Religion and Culture at Oregon State University, author of best-selling books Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time and Reading the Bible Again for the First Time.

“Groff takes the unusual and highly beneficial step of leading the reader through some of the great secular and religious classics and also of encouraging guided reflections on key passages. This original approached enabled me to appreciate them in a wholly new way.”
—Harvey Cox, Hollis Professor of Divinity, Harvard University, author of The Secular City and Common Prayers: A Christian’s Journey Through the Jewish Year.

What Would I Believe If I Didn’t Believe Anything? is a cornucopia overflowing with spiritual adages, insights, practices and prayers culled from many sources…. There is sure to some fruit or flower that will nurture you here.”
—Wendy M. Wright, Chair of Humanities, Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska, author of Seasons of a Family’s Life.

“In this book, Kent Ira Groff seeks spiritual nourishment for the religiously disenfranchised. In touching vignettes, the author roams over the inner landscape in contemporary—doors that open us to a spiritual realm within ourselves to which our eyes have been dulled by religion.”
—John Shelby Spong, author of Why the Church Must Change or Die: A Bishop Speaks to Believers in Exile