Sample of Kent’s Weekly Reflection

Welcome to these Weekly Reflections. In each one you’ll find an original timely quotation for personal or group reflection or for public speaking, plus a prayer poem or prayer exercise. Enjoy the sample below.

Playful Projects for Serious Purposes

Devastating earthquakes had been in the news. I was fascinated to hear a report on how rescue dogs are trained to go into rubble to sniff out humans. It all begins as play, like hide and seek. Dogs are enticed to go behind certain trees: find a humanoid, get a reward—no humanoid, no reward. During a mission, things get so awful, the dogs get so discouraged that play sessions have to be scheduled with live persons to renew the dogs’ spirits. I recalled a third-hand phrase I heard somewhere: “playful projects for serious purposes.”
—Kent Ira Groff © Adapted from What Would I Believe If I Didn’t Believe Anything?

Silence for reflection

Prayer Exercise: Contemplating the Qualities of a Child

Imagine qualities of a child. Find the lyrics or recall the tune to the child’s lullaby “Hush Little Baby” (don’t you cry). Have pen and paper ready. Sing, play, drum, dance, or listen to the song. Or listen to Yo-Yo Ma and Bobby McFerrin’s version on their CD “Hush” as they joke around and counterpoint classic cello and pop styles. Give yourself some silence: contemplate childlike qualities. What are some? Now begin to write—or draw smiley faces, sad faces, or stick figures jumping, kneeling, or dancing. You might let a poem emerge. Find a way to name these in a group, or with another person.
—Kent Ira Groff © Adapted from Writing Tides

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