Kent Ira Groff‘s newest book HONEST TO GOD PRAYERSkyLight Paths Publisher in paperback or e-book http://www.skylightpaths.com/page/product/978-1-59473-433-5

“Much more than mere verbal recitations or formulas. Groff offers you a truly larger house to live in, a house that will not confine you, but one filled with doors and windows—and plenty of skylight.” —Richard Rohr, OFM, author of Falling Upward

Welcome to LinkYourSpirituality.com. I invite you to link your spirituality with life. That’s what genuine spirituality is about: connecting your inner and outer world in relationships and work, mind and heart, body and soul, abilities and disabilities, questioning and believing. About noticing the sacred in the secular. About linking your spirituality—discovering the Presence and direction for your unique personality, genetics and life experiences—not fitting a mold of others’ expectations. Your spiritual life is always invitation, never obligation.

Here’s a storehouse of resources for contemplative active living so you can mine the Treasure within and follow the Light. Stay linked through social networks. That’s what .com stands for: companions on your journey.

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